Forklift training

Enhancing Forklift Safety in the Workplace

Forklift Trucks (FLTs) remain one of the most hazardous vehicle types in industrial settings, posing significant risks if not handled with care. Overfamiliarity with their operation can lead to complacency, undermining the seriousness of their potential dangers. Industrial Forklift Safety Training is a critical in the modern industrial workplace.

Frequently used in warehouses, factories, and other industrial areas, the routine presence of FLTs can lead to a lax attitude towards safety protocols, increasing the risk of accidents significantly.

Industrial Workplace Forklift Accidents: A Statistical Overview

Tragically, incidents involving Forklift Trucks often result in severe injuries or fatalities. The predominant types of accidents include pedestrians being struck by moving FLTs, loads falling from trucks, and FLTs overturning.

Recent statistics indicate that from 2010 to 2020, approximately 50% of all reported workplace fatalities were vehicle-related, with the transport and storage sectors registering an average of 1,200 injuries annually, leading to over 110 lost working days per year.

Legal Obligations for Forklift Safety

Work-related Industrial forklift use, whether owned, leased, hired, or borrowed, falls under stringent safety regulations. As workplaces in their own right, vehicles must be maintained in a safe and fit state, free from risks to health and safety.

Employers are also responsible for ensuring that all vehicle operators are well-trained and familiar with the equipment they are using.

Essential Safety Measures and Tips for Operating Forklifts

  1. Wear essential protective gear: hard hats, protective footwear, and high-visibility clothing are the minimum safety attire.
  2. Conduct pre-shift checks on the forklift to ensure operational safety.
  3. Immediately report any defects or issues to a supervisor.
  4. Ensure the path is clear of obstructions before operating the FLT.
  5. Travel with the forks lowered but clear of the ground.
  6. Do not operate a forklift unless certified and competent.
  7. Avoid using any forklift equipment known to be faulty.
  8. Operate controls only from within the cab unless the FLT is designed for external operation.
  9. Avoid reaching for loads or any object outside the cab from the controls.
  10. Avoid abrupt starts or stops whenever possible.


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